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Week Four/MID TERM Assignments 1. Read Chapter 7 and Bible verses referenced. 2. Take Quiz Four on this chapter by Friday. 3. Briefly explain how, where, and why Mark is divided and what each division is mainly about. Post your answer, no attachments, on the Discussion Board in the Week Four topic area by Friday. *4.MID TERM: Respond to one discussion answers posted by another student thus far in the term except Introductions and post it on the Discussion Board in the Mid Term topic area by Friday. Assignment due 4/1 Week Four Outline I. The Gospel According to Mark [Chapter 7] A. General Analysis of the Message 1. Part One: Ministry of Healing and Preaching in Galilee (1:1-8:26) a. Introduction by JBap; an Initial Day; Controversies at Capernaum (1:1-3:6) b. Jesus Chooses the Twelve and Trains Them as Disciples by Parables and Mighty Deeds; Misunderstanding Among His Nazareth Relatives (3:7-6:6) c. Sending out the Twelve; Feeding 5,000; Walking on Water; Controversy; Feeding 4,000;
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Unformatted text preview: Misunderstanding (6:7-8:26) 2. Part Two: Suffering Predicted; Death in Jerusalem; Resurrection (8:27-16:8 + 16:9-20) a. Three Passion Predictions; Peter's Confession; the Transfiguration; Jesus' Teaching (8:27-10:52) b. Ministry in Jerusalem: Engry; Temple Actions and Encounters; Eschatological Discourse (11:1-13:37) c. Anointing, Last Supper, Arrest, Trials, Crucifixion, Burial, Empty Tomb (14:1-16:8) d. An Ending Describing Resurrection Appearances Appended by a Later Copyist (16:9-20) B. Sources 1. Extant Sources External to Mark 2. Blocks of Material Preserved in Mark C. How To Interpret Mark 1. Sometimes a Problem is Detected in the Gospel as it Now Stands 2. More Problems of Interpretation are Based on Presuppositions about What Preceded Mark 3. Reading the Gospel for its Surface Impression D. Authorship E. Locale or Community Involved F. Date of Writing G. Issues and Problems for Reflection...
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