Welcome to ACC 302 Intermediate Accounting II

Welcome to ACC 302 Intermediate...

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Welcome to ACC 302 Intermediate Accounting II Spring II Term March 7, 2011 through May 1, 2011 I am your Instructor, Mary Cover. I look forward to working together with you this semester, and I hope you enjoy this course. Please email me early and often if you have any questions or problems. Getting off to a good start is very important in this course; coming from behind is not a recommended strategy. It is important that you become familiar with the contents of this Blackboard site as soon as possible! I will use the Announcements section to make general course announcements throughout the semester to all students. Please become familiar with and read the information contained under the Course Information, the Syllabus , a 7-Minute Introductory Video to this Course , the Discussion Guidelines (including how I will grade your discussion postings), the Class Introductions tab, and the . Post any questions you have to the Instructor under the Instructor Q&A tab anytime during the
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Welcome to ACC 302 Intermediate...

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