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Module Three - Chapter 5HW - Goodwill $120,000.00 Total...

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KISHWAUKEE CORPORATION BALANCE SHEET 31-Dec-10 ASSETS Current Assets  Cash on Hand   $175,900.00   Assets Allocated to Trustee for Plant Expansion:   Cash in Bank   $70,000.00   U.S. Treasury Notes   $138,000.00   Accounts Receivable   $170,000.00   Inventories   $312,100.00   Current Total Assets   $866,000.00   Long Term Investments   Treasury Stock   $87,000.00   Total Long Term Investments   $87,000.00   Property, Plant and Euipment   Buildings   $1,070,000.00   Less: Reserve for Depreciation   $(410,000.00)  Land   $950,000.00   $1,610,000.00   Intangible Assets 
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Unformatted text preview: Goodwill $120,000.00 Total Intangible Assets $120,000.00 Total Assets $2,563,000.00 Liabilities Current Liabilities Notes Payable $100,000.00 Federal Income Taxes Payable $75,000.00 Total Current Liabilities $175,000.00 Long-Term Liabilities Notes Payable $500,000.00 Total Long-Term Liabilities $500,000.00 Total Liabilities $675,000.00 Equity Common Stock $1,150,000.00 Retained Earnings $738,000.00 Total Equity $1,888,000.00 Total Liabilties and Equities $2,563,000.00...
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