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ModuleTwoDiscussion - Pharisees were also believers of...

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2) Who were Pharisees and what views did they hold? Being raised in a Southern Baptist church, I have grown up learning that the Pharisees were the ‘rule-keepers.’ As stated in our textbook on page 79, paragraph 2, line 2: “ . . .as hypocrites and heartless legalists . . .” Pharisees were motivated by the public opinion and not the actions of their heart and not for the satisfaction of God. They were not following the Word of God for “priesthood was not a factor in their thought.” The
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Unformatted text preview: Pharisees were also believers of resurrection of the body and angels. These people were also identified as being teachers, especially during the life of Christ. During this time, they were known for teaching strict morals and ethics. To sum this information up in just one sentence: The Pharisees were people that were known as the lawmakers and educators, but people who spoke out of both sides of their mouth and did not hold high respect from the citizens of the areas....
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