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Flipping the Switch Book Review - Flipping the Switch John...

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Flipping the Switch John G. Miller Reviewed by Miranda James Instructor Dilling’s Online Accounting 2: In the book “Flipping the Switch”, John Miller builds off of his first book the “QBQ!” by adding five principles that he calls The QBQ Advantage Principles. The 5 principles are: Learning, Ownership, Creativity, Service and Trust. Miller explains that the learning principle saying that: “It enhances our ability to adapt to change, reach the goals we’ve set, and become the people we wish to be. It helps our work, teams, and organizations to be more innovative, productive, and fun.” (Miller, pg. 16) He also goes on to say that we are learning when we ask ourselves questions such as: “What can I do to develop new skills?” rather than “Who’s going to give us their vision?” We also need to be able to rid ourselves of what Miller calls “garbage thinking”. By eliminating exception mentality, expectations, entitlement thinking, experience trap, and exclusion, we can change our lives and how people react to us. This was also outlined in the story of Robin, who realized that by changing the way she reacted to things, she also changed the way that people perceived and approached her. The second advantage principle, ownership, is explained by Miller as “facing problems head-on instead of blaming, complaining, procrastinating, or making excuses”.(Miller, pg.40) We can all take ownership by asking ourselves “How can I solve the problem?” instead of asking “When will they take care of this?” On page 43, Miller has an extensive list of questions for everyone to ask themselves,
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Flipping the Switch Book Review - Flipping the Switch John...

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