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In the future, when Creative Crafts and Class is able to hire employees, employee motivation will be a top priority. At CC&C, we will strive to offer a fair salary and incentive plans to help motivate the employees. All employees will also be provided with safe and comfortable working conditions. All of the company policies will be laid out to everyone in a clear and concise manner and will be fair. We will provide rewards for employees who follow the policies, and punishments for those who choose not to. Creative Crafts & Class will work hard to motivate employees by maximizing all employees to their full potential and by
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Unformatted text preview: letting them know always how important they are to the company. Employees will also be involved in most decisions so they know that they have some control over their jobs. When possible, we will also offer our employees flexible schedules. It will be of great importance to us to motivate our employees by recognizing their achievements and always treating them with respect. As managers, it will be our job to always be honest, open and fair to all employees....
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