BIO 101 – EXAM II practice

BIO 101 – EXAM II practice - BIO 101 EXAM II...

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BIO 101 – EXAM II Name:________________________ Fall 2007 – Prof. Kirkton GOOD LUCK! Think Happy Plant Thoughts! Part I. Multiple Choice: Choose the best answer for each of the following questions. (20 questions @ 3 points each). 1. What would happen if a drug blocked the entry of pyruvate into mitochondria of a mouse? a. ATP would only be produced in the cytosol. b. ATP would only be produced in the mitochondrial matrix. c. Eventually, mouse lactate levels would increase. d. CO 2 production would increase. e. Both “a” and “c”. 2. Which of the following would INCREASE the rate of production of Acetyl CoA? a. Increase in FADH 2 b. Increase in ATP c. Increase in Pyruvate d. Increase in Citrate e. Increase in NADH 3. Assume that today is your 18 th birthday. You celebrate with a big piece of glucose (birthday cake). What is TRUE about the processing of glucose during cellular respiration? a. The carbon from the glucose will be used to create the more oxidized intermediates of the Kreb’s cycle (such as Oxaloacetate). b. The carbon molecules from the glucose will be released as CO 2 . c. The glucose will be reduced to form NADH, FADH 2 in the Krebs Cycle. d. The oxygen in glucose will serve as the final electron acceptor in the Electron Transport Chain. e. Less ATP will be produced if the glucose is processed by cellular respiration than if the glucose was processed by fermentation. 4. If you examined a C4 plant during a hot, dry day, what might you expect to find? a. Low abscisic acid levels. b. Thin cuticle and epidermis. c. Only bundle sheath cells. d. Flaccid guard cells. e. Closed stomata. 1
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5. While walking across campus, you notice an interesting plant. Immediately, you rip a leaf off, create a cross-section slide of it and look at it under a microscope (Bio 101 fostered an unhealthy love of plants, so you always carry slides and a microscope with you). When you look at the leaf cross-section, you notice that the plant has a thick palisade mesophyll with lots of chloroplasts. What might you conclude about the plant? a. It is a shade adapted plant. b. It utilizes a lot of CO 2 c. It is a plant adapted for lots of sunlight. d. It is adapted to float on the surface of water. e. Both “b” and “c”. 6. Why are plants exceptional models for genetic manipulations? a. They have meristematic tissue. b. They are sessile. c. They utilize the Calvin Cycle. d. They translocate sucrose. e. They are not iron limited. 7. While in the front row of a Beastie Boys concert, your professor was amazed to see how much running the musicians did during their performance. Assuming that Mike D, Ad Rock, and MCA were sprinting and rapping so much that oxygen could not be supplied to their tissues, what might occur? a.
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BIO 101 – EXAM II practice - BIO 101 EXAM II...

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