Bio study skills worksheet TIPS

Bio study skills worksheet TIPS - Academic Success: BIOLOGY...

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Academic Success: BIOLOGY First, for success in any course… Figure out what kind of a learner you are: - visual – learning through seeing -auditory – learning through hearing -kinesthetic – learning through moving, doing, touching -global – learning through seeing the big picture Your professor may not teach the way that you learn, but the faster you figure out what works for you, the better. Recipe for success in biology: - Read the textbook and take notes BEFORE the lecture. This will allow you to focus on the details of the lecture rather than understanding the major concepts and missing all the details. - Go to class, take notes again. Don’t just highlight your old notes. Will give you two sets of notes to compare and fill in gaps. Print out powerpoints before class and take notes on these as well, when the material is image heavy. - Go over the notes that you took in class and mark the things that you don’t understand fully the afternoon or evening after lecture. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time, even twenty minutes will suffice. - Make an appointment regularly to go see your professor about the things you don’t understand and get them cleared up long BEFORE the test. This process makes studying for the test much less stressful. - Review the previous lecture’s notes before class. Just a quick read-through will focus your brain and refresh your memory so that you get the most out of class. ** Optional: tape record your lectures – but ONLY if you ask first. Otherwise, it’s illegal.
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Bio study skills worksheet TIPS - Academic Success: BIOLOGY...

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