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Chapter 13/14 Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Study Guide: True/False 1. A marketing channel is a business structure composed of interdependent organizations that reach from the point of product origin to the consumer. Its purpose is to move products to their final consumption destination. 2.A wholesaler that takes title and physical possession of the goods is called a merchant wholesaler. 3The direct channel is used more often in business-to-business markets than in consumer markets. 4The use of supply chain management results in reduced inventory management costs. 5Horizontal conflict occurs among channel members on the same level, such as two or more different wholesalers or two or more different retailers that handle the same manufacturer's brands Multiple Choice 6.A business structure of interdependent organizations, reaching from the point of product origin to the consumer, is a: a. facilitating agency or place member b. marketing mix intermediary c. selective distribution channels
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Chapter%2013%2014%20Study%20Guide - Chapter 13/14 Marketing...

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