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RobertSimmons_SLS 1105-32M Strategies for...

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The career I chose to write about is Nursing. I chose Nursing because it can be very interesting at times, they make great money, and it makes a difference in peoples' lives. 1. Being a nurse can turn any dull moment into an exciting one in just seconds. All the different emergencies from a gun shot wound to a car accident will keep your adrenaline pumping from the time you enter your job to the time you leave. Its something about the sight of blood, open wounds, and medical equipment that sends my mind on an exciting frenzy of life changing experiences. The money made in Nursing vary depending on your level of nursing degree and education, the years of experience you have in the chosen field, the city and state you work in, the type of work you do, and of course your specialty. For example, an LPN working in New York would make about 17 dollars an hour while an RN working in New York would make almost 28 dollars an hour. An acute care nurse working in a hospital would make more money than a neonatal nurse
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RobertSimmons_SLS 1105-32M Strategies for...

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