Robertsimmons_SLS 1105-32M Strategies for Success - 32M_Webliography_work 2.doc

Robertsimmons_SLS 1105-32M Strategies for Success - 32M_Webliography_work 2.doc

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Robert Simmons 03-04-11 Webliography 1. What is the name of the website? Presentation Helper 2. What is the purpose of your selected website? Does it sell products? Does it display news? Is it a social network? Is it a blog? The purpose of me picking this website is because I remember when I was in high school and I did not like standing in front of class to take part in the team work presentations. I feel like if I have to do it online
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Unformatted text preview: it would be a good idea since I dont have to stand up in front of a crowd. No, it does not sell any products. Yes, it displays a lot of news for people who like or dislike presentations. Yes and No, its not social network because you cannot write anyone and get the answer back from your question. Yes, its a social network because you can go and get information on the presentation before you decide on what you want to do. Yes, it is kinded a blog....
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