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Biology Midterm Study Guide – Mr. Perkins and Ms Lizotte 2009 Midterm Exam grade counts for 10% of semester grade 25% of the exam will cover Chapter 10 and this portion will count toward the test averages Unit 1 (Chapter 1, 2 and 3) *the levels of biological organization, from the molecular level to the ecosystem level. *how prokaryotic cells differ from eukaryotic cells. *how biologists define Life (what features living things share in common) *how living things can be organized into three domains: Eukarya, Archaea, and Bacteria *that evolution, by means of natural selection, explains the diversity and commonality of living things. *how scientists develop and test hypotheses. *what scientists mean when we speak of theories. *the four main elements of which living things are composed (C, H, O, N) *the seven additional elements that, together with the four above, make up >99.9% of living matter. *the difference between elements and compounds. *the fundamental structure of atoms (protons, neutrons, electrons). *what isotopes are. *the difference between atoms and ions. *how atoms are held together by covalent bonds in molecules. *why water is a polar molecule. *what hydrogen bonds are and why they are important whenever water is present. *some of water’s unusual properties (e.g. cohesion, surface tension, ability to moderate temperature, low density as a solid) *how water functions as a solvent in all living systems. *the meaning of pH and why it’s important. *what a chemical reaction is. *what organic compounds are, why they are so diverse, and what is meant by the term isomer. *the five fundamental functional groups listed on table 3.2. *what we mean by the terms monomer and polymer, and by the terms hydrolysis and dehydration reaction. *that a molecule’s three-dimensional shape determines its function in a cell. *what carbohydrates are, including…
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Bio Midterm Rev Jan09 - Biology Midterm Study Guide Mr....

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