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Student Guide BUS/415 Version 8 1 Week One Student Guide This week introduces the structure of the United States system of government and the American court system, emphasizing constitutional provisions that affect business conduct. Weekly readings explain jurisdictional concepts and the steps involved in a lawsuit from filing to appeal, and emphasize methods of dispute resolution outside of the courtroom. This week’s topics provide a foundational basis for concepts learned in the course, including aspects of the law that must be factored into managers’ decision-making in a business. Legal Environment OBJECTIVE: Explain the relationship between business and the legal environment. Resources: Ch. 1, 3, & 5 of The Legal Environment of Business and Online Commerce Content Legal Heritage and the Information Age o What is Law? o Schools of Jurisprudential Thought o History of American Law o Sources of Law in the United States Court Systems and Administrative Law o State, District of Columbia, and Territory Court Systems
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BUS415r8_Week_1_Student_Guide - Student Guide BUS/415...

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