acc 640 - Homework #5

acc 640 - Homework #5 - ACCT 640 HOMEWORK #5 9-35: Return...

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ACCT 640 HOMEWORK #5 9-35: Return on sales: financial Retention of target customers: customers Net cash flow: financial Training hours: learning and growth Employee turnover rate: learning and growth Materials handling cost per unit: processes Market share: customers Product-development cycle time: processes Revenue growth in segments: financial Occupational injuries and illness: learning and growth Days sales in inventory: processes Average cost per invoice: processes 9-36: Customer satisfaction: - The goal is to increase customer satisfaction - One measure: number of complaints of customers/patients (e.g 1%) Efficient use of lab tests: - The goal is to reduce the cost associated with lab tests - One measure: Numbers of lab test used per customer compared to other health-care organizations Usage of physician time: - The goal is to take advantage of physician time - One measure: Physician free time Maintain state-of-the-art facilities - The goal is to maintain facilities well - One measure: Market value vs Book value
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acc 640 - Homework #5 - ACCT 640 HOMEWORK #5 9-35: Return...

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