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SOCL 2001 dec. 1

SOCL 2001 dec. 1 - • Research conducted on the border...

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SOCL 2001 December 1 Science and Society Last Bite from health U.S. = Highest obesity in the world Recent increase in: inactive lifestyles, portion sizes, cheap high calorie food (“extra value”) Normative Science Idea that science in unaffected by the personal beliefs or values of scientists, but rather follow objective rules of evidence Science in practice Social factors can affect choices about what scientific research is pursued o Funding availability o Government policies Interest groups o International pressure or competition [ landing on moon] Social construction of Science Scientific facts don’t just reveal themselves, but socially constructed o Scientists debate findings, discuss results, solve disagreements Boundary work
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Unformatted text preview: • Research conducted on the border between legitimate and nonlegitimate science o Either within a specific scientific discipline or between disciplines [Global Internet Usage • North America has the highest percent of population using internet] Cuba • 2% of Cubans have Internet access o 1 hour online costs 1/3 monthly wage o [about $10 an hour] Digital Divide • Differential access to technology based on socioeconomic status • Digitally disadvantaged: o Middle-aged and elderly o African- Americans o Rural Residents o Low income, low education What will the future bring? • Increased integration of technology • Historical context o Values, gender roles, political systems, etc....
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