SOCL 2001 nov.17

SOCL 2001 nov.17 - Multiracial Americans Up 33% since 2000...

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SOCL 2001 November 17 Race and Ethnicity Race A group who share a set of characteristics and are said to share a common bloodline Race is a social construction, rather than a biological or natural reality Only small genetic variations due to race Ethnicity Ethnic quality or affiliation Based on cultural differences, not necessarily physical ones Symbolic ethnicity Identification with a nationality No risk of stigma for middle class whites Immigration and whiteness 1790- Naturalization law confers citizenship to “free white persons” Immigration act of 1924: defined whiteness with strict quotas for national origin
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Unformatted text preview: Multiracial Americans Up 33% since 2000 By 2028, majority of Americans under 30 . Will be minorities Question: What do you think sociologists may discover about multiracial Americans? What difficulties may researchers face? Whites New focus in race studies Problem: what does it mean to be white? White Privilege invisible set of advantages enjoyed by white persons Unpacking the invisible knapsack Modern white supremacists (NAAWP) embraces new focus on whites o But dont acknowledge white privilege...
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