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ANTH 1001 Feb.10 “Race from the anthropological Perspective” One polytypic species- one species with a lot of diversity Geographically patterned phenotypic variation- for some traits Cultural affiliation with biological effects – people who share a common history/ behavior culture are going to choose a mate who is like them. Result- continuation of this culture, as well as biological effects Human Variation Human Response to environmental stress 1. Cultural 2. Acclimatization (“physiological”) – short term response to environmental stimuli to keep the body working _____; temporary response; change is not inherited Ex.) Sun tan or burn 3. Developmental- also occurs at individual level but also some genetic ; change that happens at a critical development during growth and development; the ability to change
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Unformatted text preview: is inherited but if change happens doesn’t always get passed on; not reversible Ex.) increased lung capacity at HA 4. Genetic (population)- becomes fixed; inherited; not reversible; see on broad scale- whole population effected EX.) Skin color Solar Radiation • Skin pigmentation and UV radiation- near equator more UV and darker skin • “Vitamin D Hypothesis”- reasoning for selective pressure in northern latitude Vitamin D- helps in mineralizing bones The body’s need for vitamin d and for uv radiation to produce it provided a selective pressure for lighter skin in northern latitudes Temperature Extremes • Heat-sweating- and amount; -vasodilation • Cold-BMR-vasoconstruction...
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