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ANTH 1001March 15

ANTH 1001March 15 - • Taxonomy 2 in transition •...

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ANTH 1001 March 15, 2010 Cognition- Video: Emotional aspect of chimps surprising; they have a capacity for emotion 3 things: 1. Pointing 2. Triangulation 3. Building on knowledge We do they don’t Part of it is understanding animals for their own sake; also to understand they have very complex inner thoughts Taxonomy- the field of science that deals with classifying….
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Unformatted text preview: • Taxonomy- 2 in transition • Homology- a trait that is shared by two species because of descent from a common ancestor • Analogy- when you have a trait that is shared between or among species because of a common functional adaptation _______ biological species concept-1....
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