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ANTH 1001UNIT 3March 24 - o Breccia- a very hard cement...

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ANTH 1001 UNIT 3 March 24, 2010 Unit 3: Paleoanthropology and the Fossil Record: Terms: Post- orbital constriction- constriction of the skull behind eye orbits Supra- orbital torus- ridge of bone above the eye orbits (brow ridge) Prognathism- anterior projection of the maxilla (upper jaw) Orthognathism- vertical or straight upper jaw Sagittal crest- a ridge or crest of bone located on top of skull and it runs in anterior posterior (front to back) direction in center Nuchal crest- a (sharp) ridge or crest of bone in the back of skull where the neck muscles attach (in posterior of skull) Paleoanthropology East vs. South Africa o Geology o Taphonomy
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Unformatted text preview: o Breccia- a very hard cement like matrix of sand pebbles and soil that incases the fossils o East- in rift valley- continental plates come together; lots of geologic/ volcanic activity; because of that made an environment that fossil preservation is very good; found on surface through erosion and also excavations; volcanic activity means great for dating o South- lots of limestone caverns/ formations; caves; get swept into caves or dragged in and trapped and they become preserved; Breccia- difficult to remove and very hard; found through quarries mainly; lost information around area; relative dating; very hard to date...
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