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BIOL 1001 Feb.1 Why is water so important to life? Water H 2 O: 1. A good Solvent a. Dissolves molecules with ionic bonds Ex. NaCl – salt b. Dissolves polar molecules Ex. Glucose – sugar A solution: Water + dissolved substances : Solvent + dissolved substances 2. Water molecules tend to stick together a. Cohesion: tendency to stick together b. Surface tension: surface resists breaking c. Adhesion: sticks to polar surfaces All because of H-bonds 3. Water-based solutions can be acidic, basic, or neutral Dissociation: a few water molecules naturally break down into OH- and H+ - Hydroxide ion is negative and basic[anion] - Hydrogen ion is positive and acidic[cation] Water  Hydroxide ion + Hydrogen ion [
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Unformatted text preview: proton = H+] The pH scale- 0-14; 7 is neutral -- pH+=pOH-pH is low means high proton/H+ concentration pH is high means low concentration Increasingly acidic increasingly basic pH+>pOH-pH+<pOH-If equal numbers then neutral Negative log scale. Go from pH 4 to 5- negative 10x; 11 to 8 1000x 4. Water moderates temperature a. Water heats and cools slowly-Must break H- bonds/ must form H-bonds b. Water is an effective coolant-Removes heat by evaporation 5. Water is an unusual solid Ice : water is less dense when frozen than liquid water H 2 O solid state: H-bonds become rigid = further apart // expands...
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