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BIOL 1001Feb8 - 3 Recognition proteins ID tags and...

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BIOL 1001 Feb.8 Chapter 4: Cell Membranes How is a structure of a membrane related to its function? Membrane Function: 1. Selectively isolates inside of the cell from outside 2. Regulates exchange of substances in and out of the cell 3. Communication with other cells Phospholipids Review: Glycerol- take away 1 FA replace with polar group Membrane- not fixed; can move around shape-wise Membrane proteins: 1. Transport proteins: regulate movement through membrane a. Channel proteins b. Carrier proteins 2. Receptor proteins: trigger cellular response when specific molecules attach
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Recognition proteins: ID tags and attachment sites Your immune system doesn’t recognize yourself/ your cells a. Glycoprotein QUIZ : in a phospholipids bilayer, _____ of phospholipids are sandwiched between ______. a. Hydrophilic tails; hydrophobic heads b. Hydrophilic heads; hydrophilic tails c. Hydrophobic tails; hydrophilic heads d. Hydrophobic heads; hydrophobic tails Review: pH magnitude of differences difference between 6 and 4 – 100x...
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