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BIOL 1001Feb12

BIOL 1001Feb12 - QUIZ can readily diffuse across a lipid...

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BIOL 1001 Feb.12 Transport Processes: a. Active transport- movement via membrane –spanning proteins b. Endocytosis-move large particles in c. Exocytosis- move material out Endo and Exocytosis: 1. Like cell eating and pooping 2. Active processes for large groups of molecules a. Endocytosis- engulfment b. Exocytosis- expulsion Endocytosis: Pinocytosis- take in extracellular fluids Receptor-mediated Endocytosis- protein receptors to take in specific nutrients Phagosytosis- engulfs food molecules and breaks them down Exocytosis: 2 phospolipid bilayers come together, excretes waste
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Unformatted text preview: QUIZ: __________ can readily diffuse across a lipid bilayer a. Glucose b. Food particles c. CO 2 d. Insulin CHAPTER 5: Cell Structure and Function Cell Theory: 1. All living things are composed of one or more cells 2. Cells are a. Basic unit of structure b. Basic unit of function 3. All cells come from preexisting cells What are the basic features of all cells 1. Plasma membrane 2. DNA heredity blueprint 3. Cytoplasm 4. Obtain energy and nutrients from the environment 5. Cells are small...
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