BIOL 1001March 3

BIOL 1001March 3 - • Photosystem II o Builds H gradient...

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BIOL 1001 March 3, 2010 Overview of Photosynthesis: H 2 O O 2 Glucose CO 2 +H 2 O Light Dependent Reactions: Light, Chloroplast, Pigments and Photosynthesis (Fig.7-3a) Photosynthetic pigments 1. Chlorophyll= key photosynthetic pigment a. Absorbs violet, blue, and red light b. Reflects green 2. Carotenoids= accessory pigments a. Absorbs blue and green light b. Reflects yellow, orange, and red 3. Phycocyanins= accessory pigments a. Absorbs green and yellow b. Reflects blue and purple Absorption Spectra H + = protons Photosynthesis Occurs in two major steps: 1. Light Dependent Reactions o E of photons used to synthesize ATP and NADPH - “photo” in thylakoid 2. Light indep endent reactions (dark reactions) o E stored in ATP, NADPH us ed to synthesize C 6 H 12 O 6 = glucose - “synthesis” in stroma Light- Dependent Reactions
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Unformatted text preview: • Photosystem II o Builds H + gradient inside thylakoid o Splits H 2 O o Delivers e-s to PS I 1. Light is absorbed by LHC of PS II, and E is passed to reaction center 2. The E ejects 2 electrons out of the reaction center-The E ejects 2 e- s out of rxn center-** will need to replace them later 3. The electrons are pass ed to the ETS of PS II 4. A. as the e-s are passed along, their energy is used to pump H + s into thylakoid interior B. the resulting H + gradient will be used to ADP +P ATP 5. Light is absorbed by PS I 6. e- s are passed from the reaction center of PS I 7. The e-s are captured by the ETS of PS I 8. These high E e-s are used to: NADP + + 2 e-+ H + = 9. The e-s are replaced by splitting H2O...
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BIOL 1001March 3 - • Photosystem II o Builds H gradient...

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