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GEOG 1001 Jan25 - GEOG 1001 Jan.25 Migration Patterns...

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GEOG 1001 Jan.25 Migration Patterns Pull-forces – good conditions at a destination that cause people to immigrate to an area (economic opportunity, freedom, good climate) Push Forces- negative conditions in a person’s homeland that cause people to emigrate from (leave) an area (religious or political oppression, war, unemployment) Net Migration- statistic that shows whether more people are entering or leaving a country Rural-to-Urban migration- loss of jobs in agriculture causing rural-to-urban migration worldwide Urban Geography Urban Primacy- city that is disproportionately large and/or dominates economic, political, cultural activities, of a country (also called primate city) Urban Structure- distribution and pattern of land use within a city (central business district, retail, industry, housing, green space, etc.) - Latin America city/ U.S. city Urban Form- physical arrang e m e nt of buildings, stre ets, parks, architecture that gives e ach city its unique s ens e of place Over- urbanization- urban population grows more quickly than services to support p eo (e.g., jobs, housing, transportation, sewer, water, electrical) Squatter s ettle m ents/ informal s ettle m e nts- illegal develop m e nts
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GEOG 1001 Jan25 - GEOG 1001 Jan.25 Migration Patterns...

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