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GEOG 1001 Feb. 5 European Transformation Enclosure Act 1709-1869 Lands had to be owned [push away from communal lands] Relocate to city/factory [25% lived in city in 1700s after 2/3rds of population lived] [moved away from agriculture to populations working in factories] Manchester, England 1 st industrial city Originally 160 families Textile city Located next to coal fields Karl Marx Communist Manifesto – working conditions of the poor, thought it was a result of communist [ rich moving to suburbs][everyone worked including women and children]
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Unformatted text preview: 2 types of Colonialism Settler Colonialism: Agricultural experiences/ technology transferred North America, Australia, and South Africa Provided the tools needed to make members part of inner sphere Minimal investment Mercantile Colonialism: Not there to stay Latin America, Africa, South and East Asia Coastal Sugar, minerals, cotton [Tended to be along coast] [Caribbean- sugar, Africa- minerals, India- cotton] [IR didnt spread evenly]...
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