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GEOG 1001 Exam 3 SG - Amazon Basin Brazilian Shield worlds...

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GEOG 1001 Exam 3 SG Where did majority of slaves go? CL- people leaving imprint on area; Hispanic New Orleans Significance of 1997- Hong Kong handover British back to China The fall line**- marks area where upland region meets coastal plain Washington D.C. Megalopolis in U.S.- northeast; Boston, NY Canadian population in proximity to U.S.- most within 100 miles of border Euro colonial footholds- who was here? Evolution of N> American city- Pedestrian/ horsecar city;… Phases: who is coming? Focus on peaks; pg. 96 Characteristics of colonial Nola and …
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Unformatted text preview: *** Amazon Basin- Brazilian Shield; worlds largest river by volume *** Brasilia- <1960 Rio de Janeiro Brazilian capital; planned city- geographically neutral; populate interior El nino- periodic warming of sea surface temps off Peru; drought in NE. Brazil, …. Latin American city model- in textbook 4 largest countries in pop. : brazil, mexico Evo Morales: Ernesto Che Guerva: true story what inspired him on future endeavors Aquifier- water is not being replenished...
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