GEOG 1001May 7

GEOG 1001May 7 - Assimilation Faiza M Garifuna-Forced

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GEOG 1001 May 7, 2010 Epilogue: Geography Re-cap: Physical Human Geography is about places and spaces- Where things are located on the surface of the earth? How places differ from one another How people interact with their environments? Europe Russia Latin America Caribbean Sub disciplines Historical Geography Economic Environmental Medical Urban Population Political Religious Cultural Ecology Cultural Geography Environmental Concerns Shrinking of Aral Sea - Soviet initiatives in 1960s - Not a true sea - Two rivers that are heavily used for irrigation Colonialism Treaty of Tordesillas
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Motorcycle Diaries Urban Latin American City Model Migration in Europe The colony has come to call
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Unformatted text preview: Assimilation Faiza M Garifuna-Forced migration-Diaspora-Complexities of Nation Context Deforestation in Haiti Interconnected Regions often problematic We e not isolated containers Porous Globalization Global communication Global transportation Powerful transnational corporations and financial institutions The Banana wars Life and Debt NAFTA/ Maquiladoras Loss of American jobs Loss of agricultural jobs in Mexico Zapatistas Potters top 5: 5. Bath, England 4. Antigua and Barbuda 3. Outside Merida, Mexico 2. Mexico City 1. Teotihuacan, Mexico Review for test:...
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GEOG 1001May 7 - Assimilation Faiza M Garifuna-Forced

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