Rogers+Outline - Carl Rogers In a psychological climate...

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Carl Rogers “In a psychological climate which is nurturant of growth and choice, I have never known an individual to choose the cruel or destructive path…it is cultural influences which are the major factor in our evil behaviors.” -Evil derives from our culture, but humans are innately good provided a nurturing environment. -The most useful contribution to psychology is his therapy. Fundamental Phenomenological Premise for Explanation of Personality **To understand and explain a person’s behavior, you must, through empathy , put yourself in the other person’s place to see the world through that person’s eyes. Only then will you understand why he or she acts as they do. Story-time (about Roger’s problem with psychotherapy) -He had a woman that came in with a child who was a delinquent. The woman refused to admit her fault as the catalyst for the son’s behavior. -He got nowhere with her until she took control of the show, and Rogers sat back and tried to understand the woman, instead of forcing her to understand her emotions. Needs Maintenance:Basic needs (food, water, safety) Enhancement: o Willingness to learn and change o Curiosity, playfulness, self-exxploration, maturation, friendship Positive Regard: o Need for love and acceptance from others Did not say if it was biological or learned (unimportant), but said that it is universal Self-Regard: o Feelings of self-esteem and self-worth Positive and Self-Regard are to integral parts that must be attained to be a normally functioning human being 1
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Rogers+Outline - Carl Rogers In a psychological climate...

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