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John Stuart Mills - -Only an individual may decide what...

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John Stuart Mills - Defense of Liberty -Freedom is often injurious -To oneself: drugs -To others: guns, alcohol -To society: crime, paupers, etc. -Freedom of ideas: tolerant to individual’s belief -Speech may injure others, which may lead to immediate, physical injury -Slander and libel - Locke’s answer to why this is tolerated is because it is a God-given right -Problem with this answer: not democratic - Mill’s syllogism -A good society is a happy one.
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Unformatted text preview: -Only an individual may decide what makes them happy.-This led to a freedom of expression.-Still poses the problem of “harmful speech”-Most people are intolerant especially in a less-educated masses (democracy)-By exposing the spectrum of ideas to a public forum for discussion, we are able to best understand what truth is-If an institution can be proved false, then this lays for change/reform...
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