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at individual might do without injuring others Set of powers prohibited by government THE STATE AND LIBERAL GOOD SOCIETY Rule By Law -German Nazi Rule Of Law -Regular limitation of power -Greek “law” -Nomos (normative) – written law -Laws that actually exist -Phusos – natural law -Understood laws, which are moral in nature -Rome -450 BC – law is written onto wooden tablets -Powers of public offices were written down -No abuse of power for self-interest is allowed -England: Common Law -Unwritten law of Anglo-Saxon German tribes.
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Unformatted text preview: ..but it was developed in England. ..m’kay Anarchism (not Liberalism)-Government is destructive and oppressive to individual freedom Liberalism-Requires a strong state to secure the freedom’s of people-The state is a Frankenstein document of ideas-Constitution: the basic structural arrangement of a polity-1215: Magna Carta-These are the powers of the king, the aristocracy, and of free men-Important because there was a limitation of power the king could exercise...
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