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ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE -Wrote Democracy -Sees Democracy to be the wave of the future -Acknowledged in the innate equality and rights, but thought there was an inherent disconnect as far as equality within intellect -Wise men gravitate towards business over politics as they can more easily acquire material goods to designate their social status -They are driven from public affairs to private ones -Due to the tendency of these men, Tocqueville warns “the friends of democracy” that the inequality stimulated by these aristocrats will threaten their livelihood through exercising their individualism -The Paradox of Democracy -Both freedom and tyranny can develop out of democracy -Tocqueville rejects the possibility of the wealthy ever constituting as the majority
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Unformatted text preview: (this classification would lead to tyranny)-The Fixed Rule-He believes there to be constant and distinct separation between the rich and the poor-Morality is learned on a local level, however, there are judges to regulate those who stray from the norms of society-People are self-interested, and to help others is to assist themselves Toqueville “aristocratic critique of democracy_--------- Individualism------- erosion of civic virtue------------ Materialism-------- Pervasive insecurity----- Ethos of equality------- Lowest Common Denominator----- vulgarity-------- Intolerance of “undemocratic” ideas ------------------------ Abandonment of liberty to protective (“Nanny”) state...
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