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LCC 3352 - Study Guide - LCC 3352 Study Guide Black...

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LCC 3352 – Study Guide Black Hole -Used ACES (Automated Camera Effects System), -As well as the Mattescan system, which for the first time allowed the camera to move over a matte painting, and a computer-controlled modeling stand -Famous matte-painter Peter Ellenshaw was brought out of retirement to work on the project -His son Harrison Ellenshaw worked on Tron as a matte-painter -It was a pseudo-remake of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea -Produced by Ron W. Miller, Walt Disney’s son-in-law -Tried to use the monomyth from Joseph Campbell’s “A Hero With A 1000 Faces” Incredibles (they pushed boundaries: (Dash) motion blur, (Frozone) effects involving fire & water, textures (Elasti-Girl)) -Renderman and CAPS (Computer Animation Production System) was the software used -Pixar did the stained glass knight in Young Sherlock Holmes -Pixar is headed by Ed Catmull, mathematician -Pixar started as part of Industrial Light & Magic -One of the star employees is John Lasseter, director and chief creative officer at Pixar and Disney Animation Studios. -Directed by Brad Bird, who was known for The Iron Giant -1 st External Director brought into work on Pixar due to his resume -Most Expensive animated film done at the time -The first PG-animated film, and the longest to date -Pixar was bought from Jobs for 7.4 billion dollars by Disney; Jobs paid $5 million to Lucas for the original rights Theme parks were the crown jewel -People were considering buying Disney, then dissembling it escape for the theme parks
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LCC 3352 - Study Guide - LCC 3352 Study Guide Black...

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