EXAM 1 MATERIAL - -Poem(doesn’t rhyme-The Mythological...

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EXAM 1 MATERIAL: KOOLHAS -He talks about Manhattan and Coney Island CHARLES BAUDELAIRE -He writes in prose (rhyming poem). - Au Lecteur (TO THE READER) -Poem about the devil CAHOONE -Wrote about post-modernism/modernism -Where it came from -Saussure generated the Structuralist movement -There were others as well (French, Marxist) -Wrote about dysfunctional families in the stories PICASSO -Wrote of the difference between what is done and what is intended, in art -This specifically referred to his Cubism phase, as Cubism is seen as an analytical art form more than anything else. EZRA POUND -Wrote I n a Station of the Metro . - Imagism - Wrote of the origins/rules (only 3) of Imagism T. S. ELIOT -Wrote The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
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Unformatted text preview: -Poem (doesn’t rhyme)-The Mythological Method-Wrote about Joyce’s Ulysses-Refers to Joyce as “Mr. Joyce” SCHREBER-Wrote of the nerve language-Talks about the Order of the World, Divine Rays, being unmanned, etc SIMMEL-Wrote a lot about the introduction/impact of the metropolis into society-Also wrote of content being form, and form being content JOYCE-Wrote Aeolus-A modernized version of the Odyssey-It is written in pseudo-prose.-Each paragraph, basically, has its own title.-Leland said the presentation was indicative of mini-vignettes in the newspaper.-The main character is named Mr. Bloom SAUSSURE-Wrote of language-How it is comprised of a system of signs (signified/signifier)...
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EXAM 1 MATERIAL - -Poem(doesn’t rhyme-The Mythological...

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