EXAM 3 MATERIAL - normally and does not seem to take much...

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EXAM 3 MATERIAL WALLACE STEVENS -Wrote: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird , Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock , Study of Two Pears, Sunday Morning, Of Modern Poetry WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS -An Imagist who was about capturing a moment in time in text LOIUS ARMSTRONG -WEST END BLUES -His trumpet can be heard as a voice singing amongst the band, and his voice can be heard as a trumpet -His trumpet seems ethereal, and resides above his counterparts (be more descriptive when saying this). CHARLIE PARKER -SALT PEANUTS -The song has a quickness about it to reflect the life in the metropolis, and the instruments reflect the cars, the atmosphere, and the actions of the people KING OLIVER -HIGH SOCIETY RAG -Ragtime music was a hybrid between military, African, and church music. -The music does contain some boundaries in itself (the group functions
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Unformatted text preview: normally, and does not seem to take much too an improvisation into account). Although there is some artistic work being offered by the execution of the music. LANGSTON HUGHES-Think black-Wrote Jesus a fair bunch in “When Sue Wears Read”-He also has some sick fascination with rivers and death KENNER-Wrote about the establishment of sentences and the empirical meaning in its construction-References W. C. Williams KRAZY CAT-Herriman created this-Used cubism to create -The comic consisted primarily of a mouse throwing a brick at a cat-thing for love -The comic is modern in that it is self-aware, and states the imperfections of its own design-Ex. Cat and mouse seen running on two feet, then four, then jumping into a bottle of ink, then a hand grabbing the bottle of ink...
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EXAM 3 MATERIAL - normally and does not seem to take much...

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