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Culture of Celebrity: Boorstin -wrote “the Image” also known as “What happened to the American Dream” -mass media and news industry are increasingly preoccupied with celebrities instead of the tradition of giving public attention to people who had achieved great things -The Hero -people that deserve the media attention because they have achieved great things. -Characteristics: greatness, immortal or timeless, self- made, enduring standards, achievement, unsung (have an internal drive to produce, create, and achieve with body of works that are timeless) -Boorstin’s name for them -The Celebrity
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Unformatted text preview: -People who are getting the media attention and trying to be famous for the sake of being famous-Characteristics: commonplace, mass-manufactured, well-knowness, contemporary and transitory, passing reflection of ourselves, celebrated intensively but briefly (trying to become famous for the sake of being famous)-Boorstin’s main argument: the mass media is focusing on people with Celebrity characteristics and avoiding Heros Class Diss: there can be hybrids of Hero and Celebrity Ex: Obama: has achieved great things but is also good at promoting himself with the media....
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