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Boorstin Continued… Media focuses on celebrities and not people who deserve to get the focus (aka heroes) -argues that Heroes have to produce. So they write the novel, or the album, and if it only sells a few than oh well they had to do it. Leo Braudy -University of Southern California Mass Communication professor -published book: Frenzy of Renown (1986) -in this time of Media Explosion theorists (boorstin, braudy and others) are arguing that our culture is OBSESSED with celebrities instead of casually interested. -lamenting what Boorstin had in mind: Media shouldn’t decide who our Heroes or Great Achievers are. Boorstin also argued that people who are heroes and great achievers had an internal drive to create, produce -Braudy says: I wish it wasn’t the Mass Media who decides who the heroes are. But what Boorstin had in mind in terms of what achievement entails as an internal process is no longer true. -Achievement now involves External Validation (mass media)
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