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Syd Barret (Pink Floyd) -Released first album in 1967 Wrote most lyrics and music for the album -Self destructive and fired from band because he could no longer record music and such because of his LSD consumption -Rise and very rapid decline. Great example of Braudy’s concept of Embalming Above Ground Richard Schickel -Intimate strangers: The Culture of the Celebrity (1985) -Illusion of Intimacy Theory -We are bombarded by so much about celebrites we are no longer just interested in celebrites but we have internalized them and made them apart of our consciousness. We think we know all about them and mistakenly think they know about us. -Via media, we have internalized celebrities -Love-Hate Relationship -sometimes fans deepdown resent celebrities because of the media power and riches they have whereas the fan has none of that. The celebrity is famous and the fan is unknown
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Unformatted text preview: TV Most responsible for this illusion of intimacy (Schickel argues)-breaking down the barriers between the well known and the unknown-offers close ups of celebrities, leading people to make assumptions about the character or celebrities Appropriative and Aggressive medium-that has breached the wall of polite convention separating performer and audience. Means there was a day before Media Explosion where there was a line between performer and audience but now TV (therefore media) is in our lives so much the line has blurred-this sets the stage for the unknown (fan) to exploit the known (celebrity) for their own fantasies-attempt assassination of Ronald Regan by John Hinckley who wanted to get the attention of Jodie Foster who he had fallen in love with her role in a movie.-Latina singer Selena shot and killed by her fan club president....
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