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Trash TV -Programming appealing to sensationalism, exploitation, titillation, lurid and morbid curiosity, vulgarities, sexual innuendoes, and overt sexuality and violence -TV most abundant and has most impact on our lives, that’s why focus on Trash TV instead of tabloids and the like -Over last 30 years tv execs trying to get back the audience by using Trash TV to lure back tv audiences. (hence Tabloidification of American TV) Evolution of the Tabloidification of American TV -Early 1970s -local TV newscasts start using “Happy Talk” and Action News formats to try and recapture their tv audience -Happy Talk: if we humanize the local news anchors it’ll draw more people in. Anchors have to engage in light banter with each other, ask
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Unformatted text preview: about their weekend, etc.-Early to mid 1980s-Advent of sensationalistic daytime TV talkshows-used to just be that nighttime talk shows were sensationalistic and day time ones focused on issues (politics, news, etc)-Donahue, Geraldo, Sally Jesse Raphael, Oprah, Ellen etc.-Jerry Springer Show (1991 first episode)-Springer was a mayor but got caught paying a prostitute with a check, was a news person for a while, then started his show.-1991 Show started as tackling big issues but ratings were awful-1994-Spring hired executive producer Richard Dominick to save ratings.-Scrapped the serious talk and made it part 3 ring circus, part wrestling match-electronic freak show so ratings are awesome now....
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