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Evolution of the Tablicification of American TV continued… 3. Jerry Spring, 1994 -Howard Kurtz – Leo Brady -The show’s biggest critics throughout the years. -Leo Brady says “there’s lots of little murders going on with Springer show. Murders of souls, and the sensibility of its viewers … It’s gossip without any penalties. -TV is cannibalistic. As soon as a show works, people will create more copies and clones of the show. (ex. Maury, Jenny Jones, etc) -Jenny Jones Tragedy – March 1995 -guy finds out secret admirer was a man, specifically his next door neighbor. Things were fine. Went out for drinks after. Three days later, back at home, he bought a shotgun and bullets and killed his neighbor when he opened the door. -Jones expressed sympathy but said that the action was done by a single man, not caused by her show. -family of deceased sued the show because sure the guy pulled the trigger, but it was the format of the show that caused it to get this
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Unformatted text preview: far. They won the case.-Critics of Springer-type shows say it was only a matter of time until something like this happened.-Trash TV Campaign: 0ct. 1995-Jenny Jones Tragedy was springboard for this campaign-William Bennett (former Secretary of Edu), Senator Joe Lieberman, and Senator Sam Nunn launched campaign against Springer type shows.-used Jenny Jones Tragedy as example. Not fully responsible, but definitely fan the flames 4. Late 1980s: TV Tabloid News Programs:-focus not on serious news stories and issues of the day but focus on celebrities and scandal instead.-Ex: A Current Affair, Hard copy, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, TMZ 5. Late 1980s 1990s Reality Crime Programs-Technology: Camcorders-techno effects media. Now could film on the go!-Exploiting the possibilities of crime and punsihment as a public spectacle-Ex: Cops...
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