General Psych 7

General Psych 7 - General Psych T rait – a disposition to...

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Unformatted text preview: General Psych T rait – a disposition to behave consistently in a particular way Cause of thrill seeking behavior – risk-seeking trait; people who are deficient in dopamine will tend to seek out exciting situations as a way of increasing their dopamine release; thrill seeking increasing dopamine release and therefore may be a way to make up for deficient levels of dopamine Big five personality traits – N euroticism – how anxious, worrying, tense, emotional, and high strung is someone, E xtraversion – how sociable, talkative, active, outgoing, confident, and fun-loving is someone, O penness – how interested in new experiences or new ideas is someone; how imaginative, original, and curious is he/she, A greeableness – how friendly, warm, t rusting, generous, and good-natured is someone, C onscientiousness – how planned, organized, orderly, hard-working, controlled, persevering, punctual, and ambitious is someone I ndividualistic culture – people in western cultures are more concerned with how their behavior will affect their personal goals Collectivist culture – people in Asian cultures tend to be more concerned about the impact of their behavior on their family, friends, and social groups Unconscious – the level of consciousness containing all drives, urges, and instincts that...
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General Psych 7 - General Psych T rait – a disposition to...

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