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General Psych 8 - General Psych Generalized Anxiety...

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General Psych Generalized Anxiety Disorder – (GAD) major symptoms are pervasive/excessive anxiety lasting at least 6 months; behaviors are the inability to relax; state of pervasive and excessive anxiety lasting at least six months; more women than men have GAD Post-traumatic stress disorder – (PTSD) an anxiety disorder triggered by a traumatic experience; behaviors include (1) possible flashbacks; nightmares about the traumatic event (2) emotional numbness and avoidance of thoughts, feelings, and activities associated with the trauma (3) irritability or outbursts of anger; hypervigilance and trouble sleeping; a type of anxiety disorder triggered by exposure to a catastrophic or horrifying event that poses serious harm or threat (experiences of war, attempted murder, rape, natural disasters, sudden death of a loved one, physical or sexual abuse); symptoms of PTSD are grouped into 3 categories: 1) reexperiencing the trauma 2) avoiding 3) increased arousal, such as irritability, difficulty sleeping, or exaggerated startle response Obsession – an unwanted thought, word, phrase, or image that persistently and repeatedly comes into a person’s mind and causes distress; obsessions are thought disturbances Compulsion – a repetitive behavior performed in response to uncontrollable urges or according to a ritualistic set of rules; compulsions are repetitive behaviors Obsessive-compulsive disorder –(OCD) preoccupation with unwanted thoughts and repetitive behaviors to control the anxiety caused by the distressing thoughts, which are often understood to be irrational; behaviors include cleaning and checking behaviors that may help to control the obsessive thoughts but that interfere with daily life; an anxiety disorder in which compulsive thoughts lead to obsessive behaviors
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General Psych 8 - General Psych Generalized Anxiety...

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