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Anselmonotological - and in reality than just in your mind...

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Anselm’s Ontological Argument 1) God is a being “than which none  greater  can be thought.” – God is  better  than the best  thought anyone can think of.   (negative theology, a temporal)  2) But the Fool says in his heart that “God does not exist” 3) But Fool understands God when he hears the claim, so it is in his understanding (mind) 4) There are 2 different kinds of existence: Anselm claims God exists in both a and b a. Existence in the mind b. Existence in extra-mental reality  (not necessarily physically, but other than an  object of thought) 5) a + b > a alone   It’s better for things to exist both in your mind 
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Unformatted text preview: and in reality than just in your mind 6) Fool claims God exists only in the mind 7) But Fool can think of God existing in his mind and in extra-mental reality 8) “I can think of a being better than the best being” CONTRADICTION: Fool has to admit that God exists in both forms because if he exists only in the mind, you could think of something better than the best thought which is a contradiction CONCLUSION: God has to exist in both understanding and reality because if it didn’t you could think of something better...
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