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Anatomy Notes 2/22/11 Anterior muscles of the neck : Infrahyoid muscles: depresses hyoid bone and elevates or depresses larynx - Sternohyoid, sternothyroid, thyrohyoid, omohyoid Suprahyoid muscles: elevates hyoid bone Scapula : 17 muscles are attached to scapula - 6 anterior and 9 muscles on posterior + plus omohyoid and latissimus dorsi muscles *make a table for all of the joints- elbow, hip, knee, shoulder. Need to know both sides Muscles that move elbow joint therefore move forearm 3 main muscles - Innervation: musculocutaneous nerve- all flexors but brachioradialis m. innervated by radial nerve - Flexors: biceps brachii long head and short head- flexion of elbow joint and forearm, brachialis, brachioradialos(goes down to styloid muscle of radius) - Extensors: triceps brachii (3 heads) – long head(arise from infraglenoid tubercle on scapula) , lateral head, and medial head (both arise form humerus) = innervated by radial nerve – all insert on olecranon of ulna - All of the muscles found on posterior aspect on upper limb are innervated by radial
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Unformatted text preview: nerve Muscles that move wrist, hand, and digits- located in forearm/ anterior 3 layers: Superficial, middle and deep layer= innervated by ulnar nerve or median nerve Superficial layer: -Flexor carpi radialis – innervated by median nerve – inserts onto second and third metacarpal- -Pamlaris longus – innervated by median nerve- not that important of muscle- -Flexor carpi ulnaris – innervated by ulnar nerve – inserts in hamate and 5 th metacarpal Middlelayer: -Flexor digitorum superfi – innervated by median nerve Deep layer: 2 muscles and 2 nerves that will innervate muscles -Flexor digitorum profundus – innervated by median nerve(1/2) and ulnar nerve( ½) 4 tendons, inserts on distal phalanx of digit. -Flexor pollicis longus – innervated by median nerve, inserts on distal phalanx of thumb( 2 phalanges of the thumb) -Thumb- pollex- pollicis –...
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