appendicular skeleton

appendicular skeleton - *thumb is always lateral Thumb,...

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2/8/11 Anatomy Notes Appendicular Skeleton - 126 bones in total Pectoral girdle : clavicle + scapula - Allow you to shrug or depress your shoulders, and bring your shoulders forward and backward. Clavicle : medial end is smaller articulates with manubrium - lateral end spreads out and articulates with scapula. Only direct connection between pectoral girdle and axial skeleton at the sternoclavicular joint Scapula : muscle attachment, *radius is shorter than the ulna- lie parallel to each other. Supination : bringing radius anteriorly over the ulna Pronation : two bones are parallel to one another
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Unformatted text preview: *thumb is always lateral Thumb, radius, triquentrum all on same side Pelvis (pelvic girdle): hip bone + sacrum -Pelvic cavity: in between hip bones -Pelvic outlet: important for birth, distance from pubis to sacrum, distance from ischial spines- used to see if baby can come through. Female pelvis compared to male : -Lighter-Less prominent markings-Wider pelvic inlet-Enlarged pelvic outlet-Wider pubic angle *Tibia is medial larger than fibula Foot: *little toe- cuboid- calcaneus (heel bone) -Talus articulates with tibia-tarsal (7) -metatarsal (8) -phalanges...
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