chapter 9 muscular system

chapter 9 muscular system - Chapter 9: Skeletal Muscular...

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Chapter 9: Skeletal Muscular System- Over 700 Muscles Muscle Tissue : 3 types : Skeletal, cardiac, smooth muscle Functions: of all muscles Excitability: response to stimulus Contractibility: shorten and exert tension Extensibility: can contract even when stretched Elasticity: can rebound to original length after contraction Skeletal- voluntary - Produces movement of skeleton - Maintains posture and body position - Supports soft tissue - Guards orifices(opening into body- mouth) - Maintains body temperature Structural organization: Fascicle : individual “packets”, composed of muscle fibers for muscle cells, Epimysium : surrounds whole muscle Perimysium : surrounds collection of muscle fibers (fascicle) Endomysium : surrounds individual muscle fibers *made of connective tissue- binds and attaches muscle together *contain blood vessels and nerve fibers- which are important for muscles to work correctly Collagen bundles of epimysium, perimysium, and endomysium converge to form tendons which attach to bones, skin or other muscles Tendons: interwoven into periosteum and matrix of bone, attaches muscles to bone. Aponeuroses: tendon that it flattened Skeletal muscle tissue: - Large cylindrical muscle fibers- very long - Multinucleated - Striated - Voluntary - Satellite cells help in repair of injured muscle fibers - Membrane is sarcolemma
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chapter 9 muscular system - Chapter 9: Skeletal Muscular...

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