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History - Samantha Knotek Interpretations Interpretations...

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Samantha Knotek 3/29/11 Interpretations Interpretations Chapter 8 John Lewis Gaddis began his essay discussing the idea of containment in World War II. He began with discussing George F. Kennan’s ideas on containment and the intimidation that needed to take place during this time. Kennan explained that for intimidation tactics to actual occur the intimidator needed to make the effort and at the same time the target needed to have efforts to agree to actually be intimidated. The intimidation that took place was the cause of many of the results of the interference with the Soviet Union. The US was looking to create a huge sphere of influence on Europe that would even allow freedom for those within in. They wanted it to be powerful enough to stay away from the Soviets command and at the same time be able to make their own decisions along with the US. Stalin at this time, realized that he wanted nothing to do with any of the plans with US and European countries. He did not want to allow any East European countries into the Marshall plan nor in any other American plan. Unlike
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