interpretatins notes from chapter 6

interpretatins notes from chapter 6 - 2/17/11 Notes from...

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2/17/11 Notes from Interpretations Chapter 6 Historiography: The big debate that is outlined: is this an elite movement or is this a democratic movement? Starts with the Progressive Era: - Beards and Vernan L Parrington: they saw the progressive reform impulse as a popular(of the people) challenge to the privileged classes. Very democratic impulse, argued that reformers were not anti-capitalist- just took American dream seriously and wanted to make it attainable for everyone. - Progressives feel America history is a struggle between liberalism and conservatism. Between equal opportunity and privilege. - Progressive Reformers support the people over special interests. Consensus School: (1940s- 1960s) - Emphasis consensus rather than conflict, would argue that conflict occurs withoin common liberal framework, fear mass movements of any kind. - Immediately post world war 2 - Hofstadter: dismayed with absence of conflict, Hofstadter-Mowry thesis: progressive reform is essentially conservative. This is a backward looking movement not forward moving, fought to save personal and individual opportunity, effort of middle-class Protestants to fix their declining status (status anxiety) Reform movements are result of people hanging onto class status- at root of progressive reform efforts. Middle class are trying to recapture individualism which is what makes it conservative Organizational: - Believe society is dominated by hierarchy, and acceleration in professionalization, advent of experts. - Robert Weibe: wrote the search for order – most of 19 th century u.s is a nation in theory than fact- individuals had autonomous islandist community- face to face communication,
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interpretatins notes from chapter 6 - 2/17/11 Notes from...

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