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interpretations 2 - Samantha Knotek 1/25/11 History 261...

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Samantha Knotek 1/25/11 History 261 Interpretations Chapter 2 The Reconstruction Era: How Large Its Scope? Chapter two of Interpretations begins with discussing the fourth schools of reconstruction that each had separate viewpoints on what needed to be changed in America at this time. The Dunning school was built from racism and believed that any form of Reconstruction would be a disaster and that the freed people should not be given any rights because they are still unprepared for them. The Progressive school was the next viewpoint that erupted in America. This school of reconstruction believed that change was explained and established by economic and social forces. This school emphasized conflict, as well as change. They felt that the U.S. would become a leading nation and that the Reconstruction was aided in the establishment of this great nation. The next school was the revisionists; they believed in equal rights for blacks but they also believed that economics and other factors also influenced the change. They were uncertain of how the newly freed people would contribute to the economy. That was a very basic summary of the introduction of chapter two. Eric Foner describes reconstruction as a failure; there were many considerable outside factors that
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interpretations 2 - Samantha Knotek 1/25/11 History 261...

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