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Samantha Knotek 4/4/11 Chapter 9 Interpretations David J Garrow began his essay discussing how Martin Luther King Jr. began his career as a leader. He started working as the leader of the Montgomery Improvement Association, he was appointed this leader by his fellow colleagues. The MIA was working towards finding a solution to the bus boycott, this was an incredibly stressful and terrifying time for Martin Luther King Jr. Everyone realized how serious and extreme the rest of his time as a leader would be when he got pulled over and arrested for going five over the speed limit and as soon as he returned home from jail he got threatening phone calls. Throughout these experiences Dr. King gained courage and they eventually won the Montgomery protest. Dr. King knew right away what he needed to do for the country, what his mission and his role for the country would turn out to be. It was not something that he learned as time went on. Every stance that Dr. King took on a political action caused him to be criticized and attacked. But even throughout all of this,
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