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biology study guyide test 3 - Prokaryotes Human bacterial...

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Prokaryotes Human bacterial diseases Anthrax- transmitted through contact or ingestion, may be fatal Chlamydia- STD that can transfer to eyes and respiratory tract Cholera- transmitted through human feces and plankton, causes severe diarrhea Lyme disease- transmitted through ticks, deer, and small rodents, causes fever, fatigue, and pain Plague- transmitted through fleas Pneumonia- acute lung infection Cyanobacteria- create oxygen for the atmosphere Nitrogen-fixing bacteria- live on plant roots and convert nitrogen to usable forms (why farmers rotate crops) Stromatolites- sedimentary deposits and precipitated materials held in place by mats of microorganisms Cellular organization: Nucleoid region and ribosomes *There are some species of bacteria that have linear chromosomes, and some are multicellular *It is not known how archaea reproduce Obtain carbon: autotrophs, heterotrophs Obtain energy: phototrophs, lithotrophs MAJOR GROUPS: Archaea: Eurarchaeota Bacteria: 1. Actinobacteria 2. Aquificae 3. Bacilli 4. Cyanobacteria 5. Spirochaetes 6. Beta 7. Gamma 8. Delta Conjugation: horizontal gene transfer from one cell to another by cell-to-cell contact (know F plasmid, F+ donor cell, F- receiver cell, conjugation bridge
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Viruses Structure: Plants- helical Animal- helical with envelope or icosahedral Bacteria- icosahedral head with helical tail Bacteriophage- bacterial viruses Archaeal viruses- only have DNA genomes Viral targets for theraputic drugs: Block entry Block replication Block integration Block maturation Protists Synapomorphies that unite Eukarya: 1. Linear chromosomes 2. Nuclear envelopes 3. Nucleus 4. Organelles 5. Cytoskeleton *Malaria is caused by the protist Plasmodium *Protists caused the Irish Potato Famine
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biology study guyide test 3 - Prokaryotes Human bacterial...

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